Josh Hart’s Injury Adds Concern for Knicks Ahead of Game 7

Knicks worry about Josh Hart

The Knicks also have to fear for top performer Josh Hart in Game 7: The shooting guard, who had already been on the floor for the full 48 minutes in several games in the current playoffs, suffered an abdominal muscle injury early in the game and was visibly affected by it . Although he played a total of 31 minutes, he only scored 5 points (2/8 FG) and asked to be substituted twice. In the meantime, a network of Kinesio tape could be seen on his stomach.

Coach Tim Thibodeau didn’t have an update immediately after the game. “I’m assuming he’ll play,” Brunson said confidently: “It’s a Game 7.” Hartenstein saw it similarly: “He will do everything in his power. If his leg doesn’t fall off, he will do everything he can to be able to play.”

On Sunday, Brunson will be the main focus again. “They’re trying to make it difficult for me,” he said after a mediocre performance, especially in the first half. “I have to adapt to that. I have to read their different defenses better.” Carlisle expected the crowd favorite’s performance at the Garden to improve: “We have to prepare for Sunday. We know how hard he will play. We have to be ready for that.”

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