Jesús Navas will play until December 31 with Sevilla and will retire


The captain of Sevilla FC Barcelona has agreed to renew his contract with the club until December 31, 2024, at which time he will retire to hold a “life” position at the Nervionense entity, putting an end to the controversy sparked by his open letter to the fans, in which he assured that he had not been offered a renewal.

According to the club, the president, José María del Nido Carrasco, and the player agreed this morning “to renew the Sevilla legend until December 31, 2024, the date on which the youth player will leave the playing fields to go to work in the entity in the position they wish for life”.

The agreement comes after the one from Los Palacios stated that he had not received “any call” for its renewal. This same Saturday, Del Nido Carrasco offered the footballer “a life contract” to play for the Nervionense team “until he wants,” and stated that if he sat down for “a minute” with him they could “redirect this situation.”

“Not for a second have I hesitated to answer affirmatively to the proposal made by the president of my Sevilla FC. Yes, I want to retire at Nervion. I want to continue playing for my Sevilla. I willingly accept to continue linked to the entity that I have fallen in love with.” Navas said after the agreement.

In addition, he stated that his wish is to “continue playing until December in a transition to help the team.” “It will be on that date when I decide to hang up my boots with the shirt I always dreamed of doing so, dressed as a Sevilla player. One more thing, these next few months, my last ones as a professional footballer, I will not earn. The salary that is agreed upon with the president It will be donated to a Foundation. It is my decision and I have communicated it to the club. I want the fans to know all the details and for transparency to guide us,” he said.

2024-05-18 12:47:39
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