James Rodriguez’s Possible Return to Europe Sparks Excitement for Colombians Abroad

Colombians Abroad

The Colombian is not taken into account in Sao Paulo but that bad news would produce a long-awaited return.

James Rodriguez.
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May 20, 2024, 08:39 p.m. m.

No one ever disputes his talent. Dressed in yellow or whatever color, the precision of his left leg speaks for him… and continues to open many doors for him.

The Colombian does not count for Luis Zubeldía, who has decided to marginalize him from the calls to the point of forcing him to sit down with the directors to find a friendly solution that allows them to save his high salary and him to seek a new professional direction. It seems simple, but it’s all about money and that complicates any negotiation.


Outside of Football

What does your exit depend on? “Given the difficulty in deciding the future of the player, who has a high salary and amounts from the past still to be received, the tricolor sees the Copa América as a good showcase for the Colombian to receive a proposal,” says Globo Esporte.

So it’s betting on him to play great games like the ones he recently signed with the Colombian National Team and see if a good offer falls through there, or simply pay him what he is owed, assume the loss and forget about everything before it becomes a a bigger problem. Without a doubt everything is more complex than it seems, as almost everything has been with James in recent years.

The dream call

The good thing is that fortune seems to smile on him again and the proposal he dreamed of would finally come to him.

“James, it’s a fact. They are looking to negotiate in São Paulo the issue of high amounts of money that the club owes him since his arrival. That’s why many things have come from exposing it, the technicians, the rods,” said journalist Sheyla García along with Juan Felipe Cadavid on Encartados, her YouTube channel.

And then he dropped the bomb: “James is not going to continue there because he has always been clear that his priority is to return to Europe and he has something very planned. Some things are missing beyond medical exams. But today James’ closest offer to continue competing is in Europe and Spain. She is very advanced and I hope she succeeds. He’s happy”.

Return to Spain when you haven’t lived up to it in Brazil? It would be a wink of luck right in the year of the Copa América. Although the journalist did not detail the club, it would obviously be the best of all options since all the details would be closed to her: she has her residence there, she is a Spanish citizen, her family would settle permanently there again, she has friends and the best memories… . is more than he could have imagined at this moment when everything seemed to work against him in Sao Paulo.

James lived his best moments as a professional in Spain, so much so that he wanted to return after playing for Bayern Munich following a proposal from Atlético de Madrid, but a situation with Florentino Pérez frustrated the negotiation. Now, at 32 years old and against all odds, he would return with his magic, just as the Iberian press requested after the friendly tour a couple of months ago in the Colombian National Team, in which he was a great figure. .

Will it happen? The summer market will be open in just a couple of weeks and, if he arranges his departure from Sao Paulo on good terms, he will be a free agent, with a high salary but nothing of the world when paid in euros. He could, as they say, end up unemployed after a new labor crisis.

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