Inversia A Estrada Futsal bids farewell to fans in last game of the season at new venue

Inversia A Estrada Futsal had to say goodbye to its fans today, with its last game of the season at the Coto Ferreiro pavilion. This meeting, however, had to be moved at the last minute to a new setting, specifically the Vedra municipal pavilion.

As explained by the board of directors of the Estrada team, this change of location is due to two factors. On the one hand, the celebration of the Spanish Senior Badminton Championship at Coto Ferreiro. Those from Oscarín were transferred to the Multipurpose pavilion, where they already trained on Thursday. This track, however, is in poor condition due to the heavy rains of recent days and the leaks that fall on the parquet. Initially, the option of changing the date of the match to next Tuesday was considered, but both the federation and its rival, IES Coruxo, refused. Finally the only option was to look for a new pavilion, in this case in the neighboring Concello de Vedra.

The match has been set for 5:00 p.m. In it, the Estradenses can sentence a permanence that they already have on track. “Right now we are 99% saved but we have to do our homework. We will go out to compete and try to win the remaining games to finish as high as possible,” said Oscarín.

2024-05-04 04:02:31
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