Intense Play-Off Drama in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga: Toughness, Trash Talk, and Boiling Emotions!

No easy rejections! Toughness! Trash talk! Boiling emotions!

Play-off time in the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga. Things have been particularly exciting so far in the quarter-final series between Ratiopharm Ulm and the Würzburg Baskets (score: 1:2) and in the duel between the Niners Chemnitz and Rasta Vechta (2:1).

“These are play-offs,” says Würzburg star Zac Seljaas (26). “It’s time to play hard. Either you win or you go home. You have to be able to give it your all, go out there and fight.”

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This is where the referees are particularly challenged!

“It’s logical that things get heated in certain groups and not in others,” says BBL referee chief Dr. Nebojsa Kovacevic (43). “It has nothing to do with the referees. On the contrary! I think they’re acting strongly.”

The Cologne native stresses that the officials do not automatically allow more in the play-offs: “In comparison to the regular season, we did not tell our referees: You have to do everything differently now. That would be nonsense after the teams have got used to one line for 34 match days.”

The former FIBA ​​referee believes that one reason why there is so much fire in the game this season is the tight schedule. Due to the new play-ins and the preparation for the Olympics, the rivals have to play against each other every other day. And there is a lot at stake! “So many games in a short space of time, it’s hard,” says Kovacevic. “There is hardly any time for regeneration – physically and mentally. Everything continues at a rapid pace, without a break. That’s when things start to build up.”

Painful for teammates and opponentsNasty shove in Vechta defeat

Source: DYN MEDIA 22.05.2024

Würzburg withdraws protest against Ulm!

Example: Würzburg protested after its home win against Ulm on Wednesday, wanting to get a suspension against their star Trevion Williams (23). The center roughly pushed Würzburg’s Owen Klassen (32) to the ground with his arm and elbow 1:57 minutes before the end.

Williams remained lying there for several minutes. Paramedics came onto the field and supported his neck. Then there was a collective sigh of relief: Klassen was able to get up and was led to the locker room, visibly dazed. Whether he can play in game four on Friday (6:30 p.m., Dyn) will be decided at short notice.

The referees Moritz Reiter (41) and Radeesh Kattur (39) watched the scene again on video and decided it was an unsportsmanlike foul. After sleeping on it, the Würzburg team obviously saw it the same way and withdrew their protest on Thursday.

To ensure that the referee crews always have a fresh perspective on what is happening, they are deliberately rotated between the individual series. Kovacevic: “So that they don’t get too caught up in the individual series. The scheduler tries to mix things up as much as possible. That’s why there is a constant exchange of information between the crews.”

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