Indonesian National Team Legend Calls for Immediate Firing of Coach Shin Tae-yong – News about an Indonesian national team legend who urged PSSI to immediately fire Shin Tae-yong.

Also, 3 players who became gold in the hands of Indra Sjafri but instead became ‘Dregs’ by Shin Tae-yong became the most popular football news in on Saturday, May 11, 2024.

What is the information about these two most popular news stories? Check out the following summary.

Indonesian National Team Coach, Shin Tae-yong. (PSSI)

This Indonesian National Team legend urges PSSI to immediately fire Shin Tae-yong

The collaboration between the Indonesian national team and Shin Tae-yong is progressing positively, and the South Korean coach will even receive a contract extension from PSSI until 2027 to design the Garuda squad’s games.

This is inseparable from a series of positive performances from the Indonesian National Team which has been shown in the last few tournaments, earning admiration from the international public.


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