«I felt like I had finished here on Granada day, but it seemed too early to announce it»

Quique Sánchez Flores’ journey at Sevilla FC ended. Again, the man from Madrid repeated that he had decided not to continue in the team for a long time… he has more than fulfilled his objective and the fans have recognized this in the last game, thanking him for his work. Sevilla – Barça (1-2) became more of a plebiscite against the board than anything else. «I am excited, but also very tired. It has been five months of incredible pace and intensity. We found two oases in the desert in which the team was very similar to what we wanted, but in the last four games the team has noticed wear and tear and performance dropped a little,” said Quique Sánchez Flores.

«The fans have been very good to me. I’ve been part of the critique at some point, which is always fine, but you’ve caught our honesty. We would have liked to end up winning, but we were in the game, with approaches and verticality at times, although in others the level of the rival was noticeable,” the coach continued.

Asked if he decided his future before the club, he clarified that “he felt a lot before knowing that the cycle was over.” The processes are what they are; here, sometimes it has been necessary to say many things that are out of the ordinary in a group, to be excessively harsh. I have noticed the wear and tear, the erosion in difficult times. I had it decided. The management of a group, in the end, tells you that ‘it’s over’. For me it was finished on the day of Granada (May 5), but it seemed too early to announce it. I didn’t think they were going to give up, so it’s a shame; I have always thought that this was a brutal field and we have felt it many times, like when we played against. I had to live this moment. The ship arrives at port with its duty fulfilled. Both Sevilla FC and I had to be responsible,” he said.

Regarding the complicated process since his arrival, he comments that “the thing about the bench is a reflection that is not my place to make publicly. I have done it privately, contextualizing each moment. The first month was very bad, after a match in Granada that the players won. We went almost a month without training and I felt the weight on my shoulders, on my back. Everything falls on your responsibility. We have been daring and brave taking on the challenge. I would have liked to have had these great players in another context; “They have made a great effort too.”

He is not happy with the last four days: «I am satisfied, above all, with the objective, but not with these last four results, because the team was already organized and in a good dynamic. It doesn’t hurt me, I can understand it, but it’s not worth it as a reference or excuse. There are others who have lost eight in a row, but I would have liked to finish the way we implemented for two or three months.

Finally, he thanked the captains: «Sergio Ramos and Jesús Navas have been fundamental. They have very different characters, but they both exercise leadership: one from performance and the other, also from dialogue. Sevilla is also one of those who come, like Isaac, Kike Salas, Juanlu, Manu Bueno… Over time we will see,” he concluded.

2024-05-26 22:39:22
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