Grosseto-Livorno, play off: disappointment abounds

Match that marks the start of the Serie D play-offs which are mostly useless for promotion purposes, therefore they are only an unpleasant or exciting extension of the season that has just ended. Little appeal for a match that even the fans snub, the hosts are a few dozen units in the corner while the Curva Nord of Livorno, through a press release, decides to boycott the away match as a sign of dissent towards the presidency. In the away sector there are the ultras who commonly station themselves in the steps, confirming the line of protest through a couple of banners which are eloquent, in fact the chants for the team are practically absent while those towards the away fans are raised much more frequently and to underline the not very positive moment of the amaranth partnership. After all, both fans thought they could have a two-way fight to win the tournament and instead they were disappointed, Pianese was the most consistent team, winning a group where the difficulties on its way were not so evident.

There are old disagreements between the two fans, even this afternoon venomous words are wasted but it all ends in a back and forth that isn’t even too cloying. On the field, the home team had the upper hand, ousting the guests who thus ended a season which did not see them as protagonists except for a moment. For both teams, next season could be the right one, especially the fans who are starting to no longer want to hear about amateur football hope so.

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2024-05-18 13:30:33
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