Giulio Cadeo: The New Head Coach of Neroarancio, A Look into His Illustrious Career

Giulio Cadeo the new head coach of the neroarancio. The announcement comes from the company Myenergy Reggio Calabria. Born in 1963, Cadeo trained as a basketball player in his city of origin: the formidable Varese which has dominated Italian basketball since the 70s/80s.

Raised between Ignis and Mobilgirgi, Cadeo went through the entire career of Bosino’s youth sector in the golden years and began his career as a professional player at the age of seventeen.
Since 1991 he has held the dual role of player and Head Coach and responsible for ten years of the youth sector of Mina Basketball.

In the following decade he was Head Coach at ValCeresio basketball until 2000, when he began his experience as Head Coach at Borgomanero in B1.

Since the 2001-2002 season, coach Cadeo has been at Pallacanestro Varese as head coach of the cadets and head of the youth sector, an experience in which he will reach in the following years flattering results at national level.

In the 2003/2004 and 2004/2005 seasons he was Head Coach of the Varese Basketball first team in Serie A1 and for several years to follow, coach between Serie A and Serie B of Italian basketball: Varese, Chieti, Florence, Castelfiorentino, Montichiari, Matera , Ruvo di Puglia, Corato, Trani.

Giulio Cadeo’s coaching career is also enriched by significant experiences as Head Coach of the Italian Under 16 national team and as assistant to Walter De Raffaele at the Italian Under 22 national team.

Today, the Lombard technical expert embraces President Carmelo Laganà’s project to relaunch and consolidate the company, taking on not only the role of head coach but also that of manager and technical coordinator of the entire youth sector. The objective is to start and pursue a wide-ranging project with solid foundations, which is based on growth paths and quality technical training and shared values ​​and which guarantees a nursery made up of basketball players who grew up in the area, a reservoir for the first team and point of reference for many young talents.

“I have always had great enthusiasm and passion for my work – declared coach Cadeo – the conversations with President Laganà and General Manager Vita gave me the same great passion. The enthusiasm conveyed by the top Neroarancio managers is engaging and, despite my many experiences in the basketball field, it gives me a greater push to do well. I fully embrace Viola’s ambitious project and can’t wait to start my work for the historic Reggio club.”

The president Carmelo Laganà and the general manager of Myenergy Fortunato Vita declare their satisfaction with the technical choice and state that they have opted for a coach with significant experience and great technical and human qualities, not only for the role entrusted to him as Head Coach, but also for the management and technical coordination of the youth sector, the fulcrum of the ambitious neroarancio project.

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