Giovanni Toti Accused of Harassment and Misuse of Funds in Liguria Corruption Probe

«Giovanni Toti harassed us, we even paid for the Flower Festival» (On Friday 17 May 2024)
«Ci spilled and he talked too much. Even nonsense. The we have paid All. Churches, buildings, even il Festival of the Fiori». This is how Aldo Spinelli talks about Giovanni All in the guarantee interrogation before the preliminary investigation judge. And it risks worsening the position of the president of the Liguria Region even more. In the investigation into corruption and forgery after the arrest of the governor Spinelli says that All “He made plays, he asked for impossible things.” Even if «I have always given him electoral things. we have done the Festival of Science, we have given the contributions to the churches, I built the palace of San Lorenzo…”. While his son Roberto is also angry with …Read the whole news on News from other sources: giovanni toti

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  • Matteo Bassetti cited in the wiretaps of the investigation into Giovanni Toti: the relationship with Aldo Spinelli

    Matteo Bassetti And cited in wiretaps of the investigation on the governor of Liguria Giovanni All: long-time friendship with Aldo Spinelli

  • Liguria case – Giovanni Toti asked to be heard: when the interrogation is scheduled

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In Liguria Toti assures his innocence – In Liguria Toti assures his innocence – The governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti spoke about the investigation into alleged corruption in Liguria, for which he was placed under house arrest. “I have not committed any crime. Now for…

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Boat show, the alarm from Confindustria: “The 2024 funds at risk” – Boat show, the alarm from Confindustria: “The 2024 funds at risk” – In 2023 the Region had disbursed 780,000 euros for the promotion: double of the previous year. The circumstance is told in the investigation that shakes …

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