Gabriele Angioi Shines in Parma’s Victory Streak: A Weekend Recap

Gabriele Angioi in a Parma attack phase

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Parmaclima achieves two successes out of 3 at the “Cavalli” in the big match against UnipolSai Bologna, ditto San Marino against Bbc Grosseto and now Ducali and Titani lead the standings of group A alone which has completed its second round with the beautiful hat-trick scored away from Hotsand Macerata against Big Mat Grosseto.

The withdrawal of the number 25 of the parmesan Augusto Savignano

PARMA vs BOLOGNA – Before the start of match one, the audience at the Cavalli stadium experienced with intensity the evocative ceremony of the retirement of Augusto Savignano’s uniform number 25, followed by the launch of the first ball by Parma football captain Enrico Del Prato. The match ended with a 6-4 victory for Parma Clima after an exciting series of overtaking and counter-overtaking. Noel Gonzalez (2 out of 3 with a double) and Gabriele Angioi (2 out of 4) were the best of the match. Solid performance on the mound by Casanova (victory with 11 strikeouts) and Perez, his first save of the season. On Saturday afternoon, Parma Clima suffered their first defeat of the season (2-3) against a Bologna team who managed to repel the recovery attempt of Saccardi’s team. Fortitudo took advantage of an empty pass from Bocchi in the second inning to score three points which Parma Clima was unable to equalize despite a good reaction towards the end of the match. Crepaldi was the winning pitcher with Bassani saving. Excellent debut for Scotti in Parma Clima. Parma Clima won the series by beating Bologna in the match with a score of 3-1. The ducali beat more than their opponents, 7 hits against 3, and benefited from the evening of great inspiration from the pitchers Figueredo (winning with 6rl, 1pgl, 3bvc, 2bb, 8k) and Perez, salvation with two strikeouts. In the batting evening of glory for Astorri (1 for 1 with a base ball), Desimoni (1 for 1), Angioi (2 for 3 with two runs batted in) and Scerrato (1 for 2).

SAN MARINO vs BBC GROSSETO – First knockout of the season for San Marino Baseball, which falls in game 1 in Serravalle against BBC Grosseto 4-0. The match, led by the Tuscans from the second innings, saw San Marino beat fewer hits than their opponents and make some errors in defence. In the batter’s box 3/3 for Celli and 3/4 for Batista. Carbo winning pitcher, Quevedo losing. The first pitch of the game was thrown by Joe Mazzuca and was received at home plate by Simone Albanese. After an extremely balanced match and a comeback that took shape between the fourth and fifth rounds, San Marino won game 2 with a score of 2-1 and ended the series with BBC Grosseto. Doriano Bindi’s men hit fewer hits than their opponents, but they do so at the right time and also take advantage of an Italian pitching mound in excellent shape. Pomponi’s work was excellent, perfect for three shots and unlucky in the fourth. Vincente Luca Di Raffaele, good at resolving a complicated situation in the sixth. Excellent Marco Pascoli, author of the salvation in the seventh inning. San Marino gives itself an encore on Saturday evening by winning the third match against BBC Grosseto 4-2 and thus wins the series, remaining at the top of the Group A standings together with Parma with 5 victories and 1 defeat. The home team’s success is still born from a comeback. As in the afternoon, the first to take the lead were the guests, but San Marino reacted immediately and overtook. Vincente De Leon, salvation for Pedrol. In the box worth mentioning is 2/2 with a triple for Celli.

BIG MAT GROSSETO vs HOTSAND MACERATA – Hotsand Macerata accomplishes a great feat at the Jannella by winning a trio of goals against Big Mat Grosseto. Game one ends with a score of 1-0 for the guests (double to the left by Jesus Carrera pushed home after Dudley Leonora’s sacrifice fly) despite the red and whites’ attempt to overturn the result until the last inning. Even in game two Macerata managed to prevail against Big Mat Bsc with the result of 6-0 (shut-out by Gabriele Quattrini winning in 7 rounds with 7K). Hotsand didn’t let go and also won game three 2-1 in the first extra-inning, completing the sweep at the Jannella stadium: single by Jesus Carrera, imitated by Bernadina and decisive sacrifice fly by Leonora. For the red and whites it was Funzione who scored the point of the temporary advantage.

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