French Duel at the Top: Risacher vs. Sarr in NBA Draft Battle

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By Mathieu S. | NBA Editor

With the draft being held in a few weeks, the hierarchy could well see a little change. ESPN has just changed its rankings, proof that Alex Sarr is not certain of finishing first.

We are a few weeks away from the draft now, with a 100% French duel looming at the top, according to the recruiters. Alexandre Sarr has long been cited as the top pick for the Hawks, but behind the scenes, the franchise may be starting to falter. According to Jonathan Givony for ESPN, Atlanta in any case greatly appreciates the talent of Zaccharie Risacher, to the point where the winger takes first place in the ESPN rankings.

Change in sight before the NBA draft?

And it’s anything but a surprise when we see the performance of the Bourg-en-Bresse product. The latter comes out of a game with 21 points and 8 rebounds and a victory over Monaco this Saturday evening, in addition to solid performances over the past few weeks. And it doesn’t go unnoticed, especially with a rain of recruiters in France monitoring him.

Jonathan Givony : “Risacher is part of a group favored by the Hawks for the number 1 pick, and he probably won’t have to wait long before hearing his name called in the draft. He is being watched by all the top 5 teams.”

Everything can change obviously, but it is unlikely that the Hawks will not select Risacher or Sarr, who are today the big favorites to take this first place.

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Logic therefore dictates that we are heading towards a French duel to succeed Victor Wembanyama, a year after his draft by the Spurs. Risacher has the advantage of continuing to play today and his performances in the playoffs are particularly appreciated. And if the Hawks decide to take Sarr, there is no doubt that the Wizards will be quick to take advantage.

The Wizards won’t let him slip away.

I won’t be surprised if Atlanta takes him ahead of Sarr

Duel Zaccharie Risacher/Alexandre Sarr for the top of the NBA draft. Good news for the league, especially when we know the talent of these young players. The next generation looks promising.

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