French Archery Team Dominates European Championships: Two Titles and Two Bronze Medals

The French archery team won two titles and two bronze medals at the European Archery Championships in Essen (Germany) this Sunday. The road to the Games continues while the Blues can legitimately hope for medals in Paris this summer.

A beautiful Sunday for French archery. The French archers achieved a four out of four in Essen as part of the European Championships. The French set the tone in the morning by winning the European team title against the Netherlands. Not a surprise because Les Bleues are reigning world vice-champions and also silver medalists at the 2023 European Games.

In the winning trio, Amélie Cordeau replaces Audrey Adiceom, out of the running for the Olympics. The boys also climbed to the top of the box. Baptiste Addis, Thomas Chirault and Jean-Charles Valladont beat reigning champion Italy in the final.

Barbelin and Valladont hold their place

In the individual category, the experienced Jean-Charles Valladont, 35, beat the young Baptiste Addis, 17, for the bronze medal among the men. “If someone had told me that, I would have signed three times, especially for the team team, because we have been working for several months, we set a European record during the qualifications. And to make that happen with a title and the way it is done is a pleasure” , rejoices Valladont. “We have succeeded in creating this collective, we are united. Being European champion allows us to show that we are moving forward, that the team is performing well. We need everything to make it happen in Paris. On the individual side, I always put time at the start but in matches I am able to put myself into it more concretely and so much the better that it pays off. I train for that, to be strong as a team and individually to be the best And today I manage to be. 3rd reward for what we have been doing for two years with our Korean coach. Playing against Baptiste was very difficult because two hours before we won the team title together. I am happy even if I would have preferred to fight for gold.

Lisa Barbelin, the best tricolor, took over the Italian Tatiana Andreoli, 21st in the world, to also reach the third step of the podium. The 2021 European champion confirms her medalist status at the Olympic Games this summer.

“I dreamed of the individual title of course but I felt that with the current level, I had to pass a milestone and I think I passed it so I am proud of my third place. It promises great things for the future “, analyzes Lisa Barbelin. “In the preparation I was in a moment where I was trying to do things too well compared to the technical work at the start of the season but then I had to go into warrior mode. During the matches I didn’t necessarily have the right approach and there I found it. For the team event I was 1000% confident that we would do something and we just had to live in the moment for it to go well. : look for something at the Games and that brings us that.”

The Blues will have a little time to enjoy and then they will fly off for the second round of the World Cup in Yecheon (South Korea) from May 21 to 26, 2024.

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