Franck Haise’s Uncertain Future at Lens: What Lies Ahead for the Coach?

Franck Haise remained enigmatic after the draw conceded by Lens against Montpellier (2-2, Sunday), synonymous with the Conference League play-off match. His statement – “I’m going on vacation to a quiet place, a little isolated. Think carefully. Analyze. See what will happen at the club. And we’ll see later…” – says a lot about his state of mind.

Usually talkative, the Lensois coach (53 years old) quickly disappeared after the meeting. Four questions and then he’s gone. Very marked by the result, and a simple 7th place which qualifies for the Conference League play-offs, Haise, after four years on the northern bench, knows he is at a crossroads. The continuation of his work in Lens depends on the sports organization. He is well aware that his team is reaching the end of the cycle, that it will need new blood and a renewal within the squad of at least ten players (including the six on loan).

If the organization is not clearly defined, the men and the responsibilities of each person known, he plans not to continue even if it means taking a sabbatical year. His name was circulating for a time around Nice or Marseille, Rennes was also thinking about it but he believed in the Lensois project.

Today, he must understand the direction taken by his leaders. The desire of Joseph Oughourlian, the president, to install Diego Lopez Gomez, the recruitment coordinator of Bordeaux, pushes him to ask questions. The tendency, however, remained to continue his work in Lens but could this desire by Oughourlian to impose the Spaniard change his will? And what will be the exact role of the new arrival? Will he be the head of recruitment or will he ultimately have a broader role? There is a risk that Haise will give up under these conditions, especially since it is not excluded that the Nice option becomes relevant again.

Qualification, or not, for the European Cup has never been a sine qua non condition. The search for a new sports director, to replace Frédéric Hebert, who is leaving, also remains very relevant and the club has inquired about Florian Maurice (Rennes) and Grégory Lorenzi (Brest).

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