First Dates | The funniest quotes of the week of May 18

One more week, the ‘First Dates’ restaurant has been filled with single men and women ready to find love. Some came without hope and others with self-esteem through the roof, and as expected, not everyone has had the same luck. We have had crushes, crushes and even harsh criticism.

Natalia has not been the only single woman with sky-high self-esteem who has visited us, “I have a grandmother, but I know what I’m worth.” Even her brother tells Rocío that she is a ‘particuellos‘And there is no customer who can resist this gas station clerk. She is a flamenco girl, happy and very, very passionate.

The gas station of love looks for love in ‘First Dates’: “I’m a ‘particuellos’”

The most awkward moment of the week on ‘First Dates’

Inés introduced herself to Carlos Sobera as a very Bridget Jones single woman and she wasn’t lying. Not only did she give us a wonderful moment when she found out that she had more presbyopia than she imagined and that neither she nor her date were able to read the letter, but she ended her date with a fit of laughter never before previously seen in the restaurant. Yes, Inés was aware that she was going to give her date a hard time and he took it very well, but when Óscar tried to give his reasons for wanting to repeat, she started laughing as if the world was going to end. . The ‘First Dates’ crew had to stop filming on several occasions and her date began to get angry. “I don’t want him to come out looking crazy.”

A single Bridget Jones can’t contain her laughter after giving her date a hard time on ‘First Dates’

An unanswered question in ‘First Dates’

Knowing that the bachelor who just walked through the door was a real celebrity and that he had to force himself to leave his room and stop studying, Carlos Sobera wanted to know more about Enric and began with a complicated question: “How many is 325 per 1,683,000?” As expected, the bachelor smiled and did not answer the question, but he did tell her about his studies in chemistry and mathematics, and the theoretical narrative concept of his love.

Carlos Sobera tests a single from ‘First Dates’: “How many are 325 times 1,683,000?”

A television crush kicks off Ricard and Belén’s date

At ‘First Dates’ we love a crush and when our singles match, but if we manage to make a date start with a television crush and end in a match, we can’t ask for more. Yes, Belén saw Ricard during her first date on ‘First Dates’ and she didn’t care that they gave her shit or how the meeting ended. She felt a shiver run through her body and it was clear to her that she had a crush on that man. what to know

A single woman fell in love with television when she saw how they gave Ricard a platter on ‘First Dates’

A single woman goes overboard with the criticism of her date on ‘First Dates’

Extremes were never good and it is not okay to lie to your date and tell them that you like them when that is not the case or quite the opposite. But it’s also not okay to pretend at dinner and the moment they put a microphone in front of you, blurt out everything that comes to mind. Neither Beth nor Judith liked each other at first sight, but it was not necessary for the former to be so critical of the clothes and much less of the performance of her date. She got nervous, she didn’t sing well… But there are things that are better said only in your living room.

A single woman verbalizes on ‘First Dates’ what she thinks when she watches the show at home: “What are you doing? Don’t you see that you’re making a fool of yourself?

Cristina, one of the twins, goes crazy with a bachelor from ‘First Dates’: “He winked at me”

It didn’t turn out to be a date because Sonny, the bachelor in question, had a crush on her date on ‘First Dates’, but Cristina didn’t sit back and let him see that she liked him and that maybe on another occasion…

The twins from ‘First Dates’ go crazy with Sonny, a boxer looking for love: “He’s very cute”


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