FC St. Pauli Celebrates Promotion to Bundesliga with Festival and Demonstration

As of: May 20, 2024 12:35 p.m

FC St. Pauli is celebrating promotion to the Bundesliga today. First there is a demonstration, at the same time a festival starts on Spielbudenplatz with various bands and artists. The team that also became champions on Sunday will present themselves to the fans there.

From 1.30 p.m. the future first division team will start with a demonstration for democracy and club culture on the town hall market. The speakers have the Club listed here. The club asks that you refrain from bringing national flags.

“We want to spend a wonderful day with as many people as possible.”

St. Pauli President Oke Göttlich

Mayor Peter Tschentscher will receive a delegation in the town hall from 2 p.m. An appearance on the town hall balcony is not planned. After the reception, Holocaust survivor Ivar Buterfas-Frankenthal is scheduled to speak at the rally (around 3 p.m.). The demonstration then moves towards St. Pauli.

Die Route: Rathausmarkt – Große Johannisstraße – Großer Burstah – Rödingsmarkt – Ludwig-Erhard-Straße – Holstenwall – Johannis-Brahms-Platz – Sievekingsplatz – Feldstraße – Neuer Kamp – Neuer Pferdemarkt – Budapester Straße – Simon-von-Utrecht-Straße – Holstenstraße – Reeperbahn

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Festival on Spielbudenplatz with championship trophy

At the same time, a festival organized by the club starts at 2.30 p.m. on Spielbudenplatz. In addition to the team, DJs and bands will also perform there. Admission is free. On “X” (formerly Twitter) the club announced some of the artists and bandswho will be on stage today:

  • King Boris (formerly Fettes Brot)
  • Thees Uhlmann
  • Le Fly
  • Baby powder
  • Bosse
  • Bangerfabrique

After the demo participants arrive, the team will take the stage at 5:30 p.m. The handover of the championship trophy also takes place there. Because the “rim” was at the Kiel game in Hanover on Sunday and not – as usual – at the league leaders. The DFL thus fulfilled a wish of FC St. Pauli. “If we become champions, we want to make it possible for as many fans as possible to be there when the trophy is handed over – and within our framework,” press spokesman Patrick Gensing told NDR in advance.

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St. Pauli’s promotion celebration will be broadcast on YouTube

“We want to spend a wonderful day with as many people as possible,” said President Oke Göttlich. With the demonstration, the club wanted to set an example for free coexistence. “We are facing a crucial election year for our democratic coexistence. Enemies of democracy are trying to undermine our common principles and are becoming increasingly aggressive, louder and more threatening,” said Göttlich.

And for everyone who can’t make it: the event at Spielbudenplatz will start at 5:15 p.m on the streaming portal YouTube transferred, the club announced.

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