Farewell to Head Coach Richard Gressman: A Look Back on His Legacy with the Ibaraki Robots

Thank you for your continued enthusiastic support for the Ibaraki Robots.

We are pleased to announce that head coach Richard Gressman’s contract has expired and he will be leaving the Ibaraki Robots.

Richard Glesmann

■Date of birth: June 15, 1978
■ Place of birth: United States
■ Alma mater: Emerson College
■ Career

2002-03 Head Coach, Wheelock College Women’s Basketball (NCAA Division 3) 2003-05 Assistant Coach, Adelphi University Men’s Basketball (NCAA Division 2) 2005-06 Director of Operations, Long Island University Men’s Basketball (NCAA Division 1) 2006-12 Assistant Coach, Long Island University Men’s Basketball (NCAA Division 1) 2012-17 Assistant Coach, Duquesne University Men’s Basketball (NCAA Division 1) 2017-20 Head Coach, Ehime Orange Vikings 2020-23 Head Coach, Ibaraki Robots 2023.11-24 Head Coach, Ibaraki Robots

Comment from Head Coach Richard Gressman
When I returned to Ibaraki Prefecture in November, the Robots were in a very tough situation. I am proud of the players and team staff who overcame that situation. The Robots were able to stay in B1 because the team kept fighting until the end. I will be forever grateful to Mr. Hori and all the Robots fans. The people of Ibaraki Prefecture are wonderful, and I have always been grateful for the passion and loyalty of the Robots fans. Thank you, GO GO ROBOTS!!

In November, when I returned back to Ibaraki Prefecture, the Robots were in a very difficult situation. I am very proud of the Players, and Basketball Staff. The Robots were able to remain a B1 Organization because the Team continued to fight till the very end of the season. I will be forever grateful to Hori-San, and all the Robots Fans. The people of Ibaraki Prefecture are amazing, and I will always appreciate the passion and loyalty of the Robots Fans. Thank You, Go Go Robots!!

Comment from GM Yoshihisa Ochi
I would like to express my gratitude and respect to you for accepting the role of head coach at a very difficult time when we were in danger of being relegated to B2 in the middle of the season, and for your achievements in leading us to remain in B1. Even in times when we felt like giving up as a team, you did not run away from the situation, but continued to motivate us and fulfill your responsibilities in a truly “professional” way.
In many meetings, HC Rich emphasized the importance of cultivating a good team culture. As someone involved in basketball, I realized that the most important thing for a team to grow is to cultivate a good team culture, not to mention tactics and techniques. I would like to further solidify and develop the Robots’ culture that HC Rich instilled in us, and take it to a new stage.
Finally, there is no doubt that the Robots have stepped up as a team and as a club in the few seasons that Rich HC has been in charge of the Robots. And I would like to give my greatest praise to the person who has contributed to our continued existence in B1. Thank you, Rich HC. I wish you success in the next stage!

Comment from President and CEO Daisuke Nishimura
Rich HC took over the team midway through this season and helped bring back the Robots’ team culture. We’ve had a lot of communication in the past seasons, but this season we really talked about a lot of things over and over again. I’m really proud to have been able to fight alongside Rich HC. Thank you, Rich!

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