Euroleague Final 2024: Real Madrid vs Panathinaikos BC – A Clash of Basketball Titans

Euroleague final match of 2024…

On the one hand, Real Madrid Balonces is the team that has won this cup the most with 11 times in total, and on the other hand, Panathinakos BC, coached by Ergin Ataman, is the team that has won this cup the most after Real Madrid and CSKA Moscow…

I hope it will be a good match worthy of the final.

As every basketball fan knows, real madrid has very valuable names such as Sergio Llull, Rudy Fernandez and Sergio Rodriguez. I guess these names will probably play around 10-15 minutes. Although it cannot be said that they take a lot of time, they are very productive in the part they play…

If we look at the Panathinaikos BC front, Kostas Sloukas is an important name for the Greek representative, another influential name is American shooting guard Kendrick Nunn, who did good things for Pana this year. Long-term, Mathias Lesort is a very valuable name… We will see together who the prominent names will be.

You can also beat Real Madrid by scoring, which probably means scoring 80-90 points; That means names like sloukas nunn will see numbers 15-20. We’ll see if Mitoglou and Grigonis will do extra work. To win by throwing, at least 3-4 players must be present on the day…

Again, I am very curious about the match between Walter Tavares and Mathias Lesort.

I don’t know if it will happen or if they will do it, but specifically for this match, I expect zone defense from Pana in some parts of the match… A good defense is already a must for them to win the match, I also expect zone defense, let’s see if they will do it. Frankly, I’m very curious. 🙂

I hope it will be a good match for basketball.

Ergin teacher; With God’s permission, we can become champions in Konya, then our hearts are with you, my lion-hearted teacher… 🙂

I wholeheartedly wish you success…

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