El Bisbal loses the first match of the promotion phase in overtime (74-69)

El Bisbal loses the first match of the promotion phase in overtime (74-69)

Sol Gironès Bisbal Bàsquet lost this afternoon the first game of the promotion phase to LEB Plata against Uros de Rivas (74-69) in forced overtime with a triple by Solé, the team’s most outstanding player by Carles Rofes. In extra time, the Girona team dominated by 4 (65-69) thanks to two triples by Espinosa and Solé, but the Madrid team, with a three-pointer by their top scorer, Bivolaru, 37 seconds from the end, put themselves ahead again (71-69) and did not waste any more the advantage, which they have widened thanks to an unsportsmanlike act by Enric Espinosa. The difference in rebounding (58-33) and Bisbal’s terrible free throw statistics (3/13) have ended up taking their toll, as well as some arbitration decision. Tomorrow Bisbal will face Llíria, the host team of the phase, in a key match to, at least, opt for second position and be able to play for promotion in Sunday’s play-off.

Bisbal reached a maximum advantage of 3 (11-14) in the first quarter, but from that moment on, Uros de Rivas went on a 16-0 run between the end of the first 10 minutes and the ‘beginning of the seconds, which fired the Madrid team (27-14). But the Girona have not given up and with a stellar Solé, seconded by Torrent and Enric Espinosa, equalized the match. The Saltenc, with a triple on the horn, tied the duel before the break (33-33). Rivas, much superior in rebounding, was never able to break the game despite, for example, the two three-pointers in a row by Biersack and Maxi Sole (61-54). Every time the opponent left, Bisbal appeared with his good defense and offensive inspiration to equalize the game again or prevent it from breaking. If at the end of the first half it had been a triple from Torrent that equalized, in the second it was Jaume Solé who forced overtime with a three-pointer (63-63). In extra time, despite having taken the lead, the Girona team could not secure victory and ended up losing the first match of the phase.

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