Donovan Mitchell Trade Rumors Swirl as Cavaliers Face Elimination

Donovan Mitchell Trade Rumors Swirl as Cavaliers Face Elimination

The Cavaliers have just been eliminated and Donovan Mitchell is already one of the main names on the market. Well, it already was, because the noise about a possible departure from Cleveland is not new. Media NBA is attentive and is carrying out operations in case it is finally put up for sale. “I’m happy in Cleveland. I’ve been happy since I arrived,” the guard assured journalist Adrian Wojnarowski. He can’t say anything else.

Among the teams that have already been suggested as a possible destination for Mitchell are the Lakers, who are looking for a third pick for the trident that they would form with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The question is what the Angelenos could offer to satisfy the Cavaliers. The escort has been linked to the Knicks and the Nets, because it is said that he would like to play in New York. It is placed in the Heat, who couldn’t get Damian Lillard last summer and they could try it with him. The Grizzlies would want him as Ja Morant’s dance partner.

Any franchise would have a good reason to bid for a player who is in his prime at 27 years old, who has been chosen for the last six All Star and that last season he was in the second best quintet. This course has averaged 26.6 points, 5.1 rebounds and 6.1 assists in the regular League raising his offensive performance to the 29.6 points in the playoffs, including the 50 he scored against the Magic in a first round match.

The Cavaliers would be delighted for him to stay, but there have been several disagreements. At the beginning of the season, he assured that the team’s goal should be the Eastern Conference final. The franchise, however, is satisfied with having been eliminated by the Celtics in a second round of the playoffs. that Cleveland had not enjoyed since the days of LeBron James.

Friction and criticism in the Cavaliers

Besides, Mitchell has had some friction with JB Bickerstaffcoach with the future also in the air, and in the last hours, without having been able to play in the last two games, has questioned the commitment of some of his colleagues. It has been published that the center Jarrett Allenwith a rib injury, refused to join in order to play the fifth and ultimately final duel against the Celtics.

Mitchell, a friend of Ricky Rubio since they shared a team in Utah and then in Cleveland, has enjoyed a $33 million contract this season. The next one, the last of their current relationship, will be 35. For 25-26, and here lies one of the keys to a possible transfer, you will have a unilateral option to expand it at a rate of 37 million. If he leaves the Cavaliers this summer, whoever signs him will have to take that into account.

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