Crossover Dreams: Which NBA Player Would Succeed in the NFL and Vice Versa?

Which NBA player would deliver in the NFL? Which footballer would make it in the NBA? Two NFL stars are making people sit up and take notice.

The US professional leagues are constantly compared to one another. Whether NFL, NBA, MLB or NHL doesn’t matter.

It’s about higher, faster, better, more expensive, more glamorous and much more. It is often the case that top athletes in one sport claim that they can also perform in another professional league.

This is usually not unfounded. Many professionals had the choice between several sports at the beginning of their careers. For example, NFL star Patrick Mahomes.

The Kansas City Chiefs’ top quarterback was selected in the 37th round of the MLB Draft by the Detroit Tigers before entering the NFL in 2014. However, instead of pursuing a baseball career, the reigning Super Bowl champion decided to go to college to continue playing football.

Kyler Murray even decided late on an NFL career after being selected with the ninth pick of the MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics a year earlier. Since the 2019 NFL Draft, where he became the first overall pick, the quarterback is the first player to become a first round pick in both leagues.

It is therefore more common for absolutely exceptional athletes to receive the chance to receive various sports scholarships at colleges thanks to their abilities.

If former star center Jason Kelce had his way, who ended his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles after last season, a certain basketball player would definitely deliver in the NFL.

Jason Kelce sees LeBron James as “biggest redzone threat”

Kelce was talking about none other than LeBron James.

After ex-NBA professional Austin Rivers recently fueled the debate about which basketball players could also play in the NFL and vice versa, the retired Super Bowl champion from the 2017 season also commented.

However, Kelce Rivers disagreed and claimed that hardly any NBA player could have a career in the NFL. However, James would be an exception.

“If I were a general manager in the NFL and the option existed, I would sign LeBron James today,” Kelce wrote via “X” about the 39-year-old Los Angeles Lakers star player: “Within In an offseason he would be the biggest redzone weapon in the NFL.”

Of course, with his height of over 2.03 meters, James would be a unique starting point as a tight end or even as a receiver. Paired with the explosiveness of the NBA star, the “King” would be a welcome target for every quarterback in the league.

But the debate also goes in the opposite direction. Many people wonder which football players could compete in the NBA.

Especially in the league where size is usually crucial, it probably won’t be enough for every NFL star.

Aaron Rodgers sees Davante Adams in the NBA

Star quarterback Aaron Rodgers still has an idea. The New York Jets playmaker is sure that a former teammate with the Green Bay Packers would have had a great NBA career.

“Can NFL players play in the NBA?” Rodgers was asked in a video on the Jets’ social media account. The star signal-caller turned to the camera and said, “Yes, Davante Adams.” But there was apparently not enough for further explanations.

Adams is one of the best wide receivers in the league and is currently under contract with the Las Vegas Raiders. In the NFL, he impresses above all with his speed, timing and ball security.

In the NBA, Adams would be in the lower league average at 1.85 meters tall. But that doesn’t mean anything per se.

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