Countdown to Paris 2024 Paralympic Games: 11 Days of Competition and 4,400 Athletes

Less than 100 days remain until next August 28th the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games give your starting signal. There will be 11 days of competition where France will become the great sporting focus with the People with disabilities as the protagonist, until they conclude on September 8. In total, it 549 events with medal (271 men, 235 women and 43 mixed).

We must keep in mind that there are 22 sports that are part of the Paralympic program, among which we find: athletics, badminton, wheelchair basketball, boccia, cycling, wheelchair fencing, 5-a-side football, goalball, judo, weightlifting , horse riding, swimming, canoeing, rowing, wheelchair rugby, taekwondo, table tennis, wheelchair tennis, archery, Olympic shooting, triathlon and sitting volleyball.

4,400 athletes with disabilities will meet at the Paralympic Games

From the official website of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (CPE) point out that the 17th Paralympic edition will bring together a total of 4,400 athletes with physical, intellectual, visual disabilities and paralysis or brain injury, arriving from 182 countries. Although the number of athletes is the same as in the Tokyo Games, there will be important changes in the distribution by sport. All of this with a clear objective: to increase female participation, protect athletes with greater disabilities and equalize quotas in team modalities.

The Paris Games will feature 17 headquarters competitions distributed mainly between the city center (nine facilities) and the Saint-Dennis area, to the north (three). The other five are located on the outskirts or in nearby towns. Some emblematic monuments of the French capital, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champ de Mars, Les Invalides or the Palace of Versailles, will be the scene of Paralympic events.

On August 28, the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games

August 28 is the day that the opening ceremony, which will take place in the central Place de la Concorde, with the national delegations parading along the Champs-Elysées. The one of closurescheduled for September 8, will be in the France Stadium assigned to athletics and located in Saint-Denis. The others non-sports facilities They will be the Paralympic Village, the Main Press Center and the International Broadcasting Centre, all located in Saint-Denis. While the Paralympic Family hotel, in the downtown area.

The Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will have 11 days of competition

2024 will be the first time that the Olympic and Paralympic Games share emblem. It is a combination of three elements: a gold medal, a flame and a representation of Marianne, the allegorical figure of a woman wearing a Phrygian cap that identifies the French Republic. The mascot will also be the same, Phryge, the small Phrygian cap who, in his Paralympic version, uses a prosthetic leg.

Below we are going to offer some information about the Paralympic Games:

  • Competition days: 11 (from August 29 to September 8).
  • Participating countries: 182.
  • Number of athletes: 4,400 (2,202 men, 1,859 women and 339 indistinct places).
  • Medal tests: 549 (271 men, 235 women and 43 mixed).
  • Types of disabilities: physical, intellectual, visual, cerebral palsy and brain injury
  • Number of sports: 22.
  • New sports: 0.
  • Competition areas: Saint-Denis area (3 venues, including the Olympic Stadium), Central Paris area (9) and peripheral venues (5).
  • Sports facilities: 17.
  • Tickets on sale: 3.4 million.
  • Accredited journalists: 2.200.
  • Sports broadcast on TV: 22 (all).

In Spain it still remains to be seen if RTVE, as has happened since Sydney 2000, finally acquires the television services and is responsible for broadcasting these Paralympic Games.

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