City Council Allocates €200,000 for Cleaning the Dock in Castiglione della Pescaia: Opposition Calls for More Radical Action

Castiglione della Pescaia: In the City Council, an intervention worth €200,000.00 was brought forward by the majority for the cleaning of the dock, which has now become – according to the opposition group L’Alternativa – almost a pond.

«We have pointed out – we read in the note – that the Darsena needs radical interventions, such as:

  • cleaning for the filtering and exchange of water on the border rocks on the Marina di Grosseto side,
  • a deep clean
  • possible use of the sand removed or for beach nourishment or thrown away from the mouth.

Speaking of the entrance, where despite an intervention costing over 3 million euros (never carried out before in the last 15 years when Nappi was deputy mayor), we reiterate that fishing boats continue to run aground and are unable to enter. The Administration has 3 million and 800 thousand euros unspent: we consider that it would be appropriate to allocate these funds, in a serious way, to the port and the Darsena to solve a problem that is now dated…30..40 years? But now, 2 years after their establishment and after the previous 10 years, the only money spent is on parties, marketing (€60,000.00 per year for the press office), contributions to the usual suspects. And let’s not say that it is a new Administration. Except for Farnetani and Bartoletti they are all present today. The only concessionary work in record time – concludes L’Alternativa – was the new shopping center (which according to the deputy mayor was not a shopping centre!), for the rest… nothing”.

2024-05-20 07:11:10
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