Celebrating Success: Judo Club Tadeo’s Rising Stars


The Councilor for Sports, José Ignacio González Nieto, and the Deputy Mayor of Gran Ciudad, Javier Bello, have received at City Hall the judokas Darío Soriano Morón, Zoe Soriano Morón and Matthew Iglesias Rodríguez, members of the Judo Club Tadeo who recently achieved notable successes. The three came accompanied by their teacher, Iluminada Díaz Valle.
Darío Soriano Morón has been this year’s Champion of Spain in the under 18 category, he is number 1 in the national ranking this season and at the end of the month he will compete in the European Cup in the Portuguese town of Coimbra.
Zoe Soriano Morón, first in the national ranking in the absolute category this season, has won the bronze medal in the final of the Spanish Absolute Championship, is a member of the national team and has just won the Spanish University Runners-up in Jaca.
Matthew Iglesias Rodríguez has won third place nationally in the children’s category in 2024 and is first in the national ranking.
José Ignacio González and Javier Bello have congratulated them on their achievements, wishing them new milestones in the future. The councilors highlight the role of Judo Club Tadeo, headed by Tadeo Díaz Ortega, whose personal career has already earned him such important recognition as the City’s Gold Medal, which he received in 2023, as well as the teaching work he His daughter, Iluminada, is performing with the three judokas.


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2024-05-18 11:19:29
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