Celebrating John Fante’s Endearing Antiheroes: A Musical and Visual Journey with “Father and Son”

The festival Oh the beautiful days! likes to provoke encounters and cross disciplines: we had a beautiful illustration of this on Wednesday evening during the opening show Father and son according to the news 1953 Was a Bad Year by John Fante, king of self-deprecation who inspired Charles Bukowski. This book takes you on a journey into the head of Dominique Molise, one of John Fante’s doubles, the son of an Italian mason who dreams of leaving his native Colorado to live his dream: becoming a baseball champion in the Cubs team of which he is to bear. Director Robin Renucci and designer Coco are both passionate about John Fante’s endearing antiheroes and share their passion in their own way. This time, neither satire nor sarcasm under Coco’s pen, but a great softness in his watercolors, which in no time at all bring to life the characters and situations narrated by Robin Renucci. She funnyly sketches Dominique, the kid whose mother makes him sleep with a woman’s stocking on his head so that his ears don’t come off at night, and she imagines for him a companion, a tiger, born from the balm he uses. applied after baseball matches, a comforting animal that comes to the rescue in difficult times.

A saxophone fugue

The three artists have found a perfect tempo, their complicity is palpable. In the last sketch, Raphaël Imbert brilliantly improvises a breathtaking escape to tell the story of Dominique’s escape. Humor, painting of America, shame of the immigrant, sensuality and humor, all John Fante is there, in this original stroll, in which the viewer’s eye can sometimes linger on the agile fingers of Coco or those of Raphaël Imbert on his horn, lulled by the words of Robin Renucci.

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