Basketball Court Upgrades in Shushan: Micro-Renovation and Fine Improvements

Micro-renovation and fine improvement | Good news! These two basketball courts in Shushan have been upgraded “on the spot”!

Time: 2024-05-24 15:28:16 Source: Xiaoshan Shushan

As “Village BA” becomes popular across the country

More and more people are joining the ranks of basketball

To better meet the residents’ sports and fitness needs


These two basketball courts in Shushan

After renovation and upgrading, it looks brand new

Come and follow Xiao Shu to grab the “fresh”~

Huangjiazhang Village Cultural Square

The Huangjiazhang Village open-air public sports field was first built in 2012. The basketball court covers an area of ​​420 square meters. Due to its long-term use, the original cement floor not only has poor elasticity and cushioning capacity, but also has the phenomenon of wear and dust, which not only affects the experience of athletes, but also poses certain safety hazards.

After many rounds of negotiations to determine the renovation plan, the basketball court renovation project officially started. Designing signs, repairing the ground, laying plastic… After a week of renovation, the originally old and mottled basketball court has completed a gorgeous “reversal”, with bright lights, clear markings, and the plastic floor is not only flat, but also wear-resistant and non-slip, which can effectively reduce sports injuries.

Xiangyuan Community Basketball Court

The Xiangyuan Community Basketball Court was first built in 2018, covering an area of ​​326 square meters. It has always been a place for community residents to relax, entertain and exercise. However, after years of wind and sun, the basketball court facilities have aged, and the plastic floor has cracked, exposed, damaged and slippery, which not only affects the appearance of the venue, but also affects the safety of residents’ sports.

In order to provide residents with a more professional and safer venue for basketball activities, the community renovated and upgraded the basketball court, laid a non-slip plastic floor, and invited professional workers to mark the court, giving the court a brand new look.

Village basketball court

Not only a playground for residents to exercise daily

It is also a “cultural” square where the village community holds special events

These two upgrading and renovation projects

Provides a platform to enrich residents’ cultural and sports activities

A safer, more spacious and more convenient platform

The “Slam Dunk Masters” of Shushan

Come and get together with three or five friends to play a round!

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