Badminton Bergen op Zoom: Victories, Competitions, and National Team Championships

Sat 18 May, 17:00 General

BERGEN OP ZOOM – Badminton Bergen op Zoom will compete in the spring competition of Badminton Netherlands with two teams this year. Last week both teams achieved a nice victory, the second team even with a maximum score of 0-6 in Bleskensgraaf (South Holland).

Team 1 competes in the A class with feather shuttles in division three. The Zeeuwmeeuwen from ‘s-Gravenzande is proudly in the lead with 36 points, The Smashing Fellows from Schiedam has 27 points and badminton-1 is firmly third with 23 points.

Last week, the team secured four points during the home match at Sports Center De Karmel at the expense of host team ABC Swindregt from Zwijndrecht. badminton’s flagship won four matches in two games and the two losses were three-gamers. In particular, the mixed doubles of Jeroen and Hilde offered the prospect of a fifth winning match (21-14, 11-21, 19-21).

On Friday, May 17, the Bergen main force will take the car to Prinsenbeek to play against De Zwaluwen for the second time. Last time at the home game this yielded five points, but Pierre van Hooijdonk’s fellow villagers will want to sell their skin dearly.

Maximum profit in Bleskensgraaf

Team 2 plays in the C class with nylon shuttles and does so in department 16. Alblasserdam is in the lead with 38 points from seven games, badminton-2 follows with 26 points from six games and number 3 Schollevaar has 23 points from eight games .

Overtaking the seed Alblasserdam will be difficult, but the 0-6 victory over SNA Badminton in Bleskensgraaf makes a good contribution. All games went fairly smoothly to the Berg team in two games. Exception to that rule: the women’s doubles of Quinty and Sintija. They opened strongly with 12-21 in the first game, but had to use all their badminton experience in the second game to escape a three-gamer with 26-28.

On Wednesday, May 15, leader Alblasserdam will come to Sports Center De Karmel in Bergen op Zoom for the rematch. It promises to be two hours of spectacular badminton, which will leave the badminton connoisseur in awe.

Preliminary rounds NK Teams

The qualifying matches for the National Team Championships took place in Hengelo at the end of April. Team 4 of the 2023-2024 autumn competition had been crowned champions in the ninth division earlier this season and had a shot at a place in the final.

In Overijssel it turned out – after a car journey of more than two and a half hours – that the four champion teams from the other ninth division groups could also play a nice game of badminton. Ultimately, team 4 won five of the twenty games played. Quinty and Astrid won two women’s doubles together, Dominic and Ashley won two mixed doubles together and Ivan and Dominic triumphed together in a men’s doubles. All in all, not enough for qualification, but certainly enough for a special badminton day among other champion teams from all over the Netherlands.

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