ASPTT Strasbourg Secures Top 12 Play-Off Bronze Medal

Julien Fuchs predicted Friday evening that the small final of the Top 12 play-offs between ASPTT Strasbourg and VGA Stella Saint-Maur, scheduled for this Saturday late morning in Chambly, would not be simple and would surely be undecided as the two teams left feathers in the afternoon during their respective eliminations, at the end of the suspense, against the vice-champion of France 2023 Fos-sur-Mer (3-5) and the eight-time reigning champion Camblysien ( 4-5).

But the captain of the postal formation was ultimately denied by his troops. The latter in fact quickly dispatched this duel for the bronze medal against the Ile-de-France residents. Only Malya Hoareau, who had allowed her team to revive the day before against Fos, narrowly lost in the women’s singles 2 against the Danish Benedicte Sillassen (19-21, 24-26).

Rosy Pancasari has raised the bar

But not all of his partners have given up. The Israeli Daniil Dubovenko won his two matches in singles – thanks, among other things, to the retirement of Yanis Gaudin, injured in the foot – and mixed with the Russian Viktoriia Vorobeva. The men’s doubles Callum Hemming/Natan Begga ended up forcing the decision in front of the duo Maël Cattoen/Gaudin. The double vice-champion of France Rosy Pancasari raised the bar after a laborious start against Anna Tatranova and Alex Lanier, 38th in the world, disposed of Enogat Roy, 113th, without much concern, despite the latter’s close approach in very end of the second act.

At 5-1, the fate of the match was sealed. The ladies’ doubles and mixed 1 therefore did not take place. For the Bas-Rhinois, this bronze medal, the sixth for their club, after 2001, 2003, 2007, 2012 and 2018, and the ninth in total, with the 2013 title and silver in 2009 and 2022, is a a reward all the more appreciated as injuries and absences did not spare them during the regular season.

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