Anti-violence asks two Real Murcia fans for 4,000 euros and a year without access to fields

The State Commission against Violence, Racism, Xenophobia and Intolerance in Sports has proposed a sanction of 4.000 euros and the prohibition of access to sports venues for a period of twelve months for two Real Murcia fans for Racist chants towards fans of the Ceuta Sports Group.

The ‘New Ceuta Football Federation’ candidacy, which will compete in the elections to the Ceuta territory, denounced the “racist chants” to the CSD and, in a statement, considered that there are “rational indications of the commission of a possible hate crime“for these events that occurred in the surroundings of the Enrique Roca stadium in Murcia.

The events occurred on April 28 on the occasion of the match in Murcia between the Murcian team and AD Ceuta, on matchday 34 in the Group 2 of First Federationand both fans continuously uttered racist insults against the opposing fans, according to the source.

The hundred Ceuta fans who traveled to the Murcian capital returned outraged by the behavior of a sector of the Paprika fans, both in the surrounding area and inside the Enrique Roca stadium, where part of the local fans shouted at them. “dogs” and “moors”, as well as “Ceuta belongs to the Moors.”

The chants were recorded in video images by several fans as well as broadcast by the Ceuta club itself.

This candidacy for the Ceuta Football Federation has highlighted that the National Police was able to identify the two fans who now face that sanction.

2024-05-20 08:20:19
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