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During the morning of this Saturday, the National Energy Control Center (Cenace) activated two alerts in the National Interconnected System because the consumption of electrical energy approached the maximum supply.

First at 5:43 in the morning and later at 8:23 in the morning, Cenace issued the two operational states of alert, that is, when the agency begins operational work to control the demand for electrical energy consumed in the country.

The alert declarations continue almost two weeks after blackouts were recorded for three consecutive days in at least 18 states of the country due to excess electricity consumption as a result of the high temperatures in the country.

Cenace and the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) assured on Thursday that even in the face of atypical heat waves, which translates into greater energy consumption with ventilation and cooling systems, the National Electrical System would remain without complications.

Authorities reported last Saturday that the National Interconnected System of electrical energy remained in optimal conditions so the supply of electricity would be constant during that weekend. That was the case, but on Monday the 13th new alerts were issued that did not cause any major problems.

Yesterday Cenace activated an alert and two operational states of emergency due to the high demand for electricity and the insufficiency of electricity production in the Northern Regional Control Management.

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For this Saturday, a maximum demand of 46.1 thousand Megawatts is forecast around 9 p.m., but until noon today the net production of electrical energy is just 94 Megawatts higher than demand.

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