The hegemony of BC Chambly-Oise in the Top 12, the French team championship, came to a halt on Saturday evening. After a decade of domination rewarded by eight consecutive coronations (the title was not contested in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19), the series was interrupted with the defeat conceded in the final (5-3 ) against BC Fos-sur-Mer, led by the Popov brothers, born in Sofia (Bulgaria) and leaders of the Tricolores this summer at the Paris Olympics.

Affected at the last moment by too many withdrawals – Delphine Delrue, her Olympic mixed doubles selection, did not receive the green light to resume competition after gallbladder surgery, the Czech Jan Louda (ill) and Léonice Huet ( absent) – the BCCO no longer had the means to compete.

« Despite this, we could have done it, said President Patrice Lannoy. At 3-3, our ladies doubles (ndlr : Lauren Smith-Beatriz Corrales) loses first set (21-23) which he led for a long time and this is perhaps the turning point of this final. But our problem has mainly been absences. »

Eleventh final in a row, a record

At the end of this eleventh final in a row (a record), the Camblysiens, beautiful losers, were already nourishing their revenge. “ We are not going to give others the opportunity to make a series and we will be strong next year, already warned the club boss. This defeat in the final will bring reflections. »

It’s the end of a great series made with the same players. We need to think about renewal.

Thomas Rouxelcaptain of BC Chambly

« It’s the end of a great series made with the same players, analyzed Thomas Rouxel, named captain of the team after having contributed so much as a player. We need to think about renewal and Patrice is intelligent enough to do things well. » Recruitment is already well advanced.

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Canadian Michelle Li (world No. 25 and qualified for the Paris Olympics) will be back after having suffered a long break, from August 2023 to last January, for knee surgery. Two other arrivals are also expected.

To further support its position at the highest level of French badminton, the BCCO will also apply to organize the French individual championships in February 2025 in its Marie-Amélie Le Fur complex, as well as for the France Jeunes three months later. .

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