The Abu Dhabi Worlds started on a false note for the four Belgian judokas entered this Sunday during the first day reserved for the lighter ones – under 60 kg for men, under 48 and under 52 kg for men. women.

On the men’s side, Jorre Verstraeten (IJF 22), fortunately safe for some time in the race for the Paris Olympics in less than 60 kg, did not manage to achieve the feat he has been dreaming of for over a year. , his last medal dating back to March 31, 2023 during the Antalya Grand Slam. Little spoiled, it is true, by the draw, which had reserved the world No. 1, the Taiwanese Yung Wei Yang in the second round, the Louvaniste, who had initially taken out the Congolese Arnold Kisoka (IJF 69) on penalties, couldn’t do anything. Yang, reigning Olympic vice-champion and bronze medalist at the 2022 Worlds, took advantage of a moment of inattention from the Belgian to score waza ari and was no longer worried afterward.

On the women’s side, in the under 48 kg category, while Loïs Petit (IJF 49), exempted from the first round, was then beaten by the Russian (under neutral flag) Sabina Giliazova (IJF 11), Ellen Salens (IJF 46) was able to break in against the Turkmen Kurbanay Kurbanova (IJF 63) thanks to an arm lock, before being immobilized in twenty seconds by the Japanese Wakana Koga (IJF 9).

In the under 52 kg category, Amber Ryheul (IJF 30), after a walk in the park against the Indian Shraddha Kadubal Chopade (IJF 108) whom she immobilized in 22 seconds, was never able to impose her judo against the German Mascha Ballhaus (IJF 10) and took three penalties synonymous with disqualification.

2024-05-19 13:26:41
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