Christopher Trimmel from Mannersdorf is captain of the German Bundesliga club Union Berlin. Despite the club’s celebrated last-minute rescue in the German Bundesliga, Trimmel has drawn a sobering conclusion to the season.

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“All’s well that ends well? The season was still bad,” said the Burgenlander after Saturday’s 2-1 win against SC Freiburg. A year after the historic qualification for the Champions League, the Köpenick team only averted the fall into the 2nd football league on the last match day.

In the 37-year-old’s opinion, the fact that Union remembered its virtues in the season finale and, according to Trimmel, played “union-like” again was not only due to an improvement in the team’s performance – more on that in Veteran Trimmel remains loyal to Union Berlin.

“But we are also self-critical enough”

“Midway through the season I think we lost 12 games in a row. The last few weeks haven’t been good either. The fact that we still managed to do it is only possible in the club with such a fan scene,” the full-back praised the support of his own supporters.

Three coaches were responsible for the Iron Men this season. “We used three coaches. That doesn’t speak for any team. But we are also self-critical enough,” reported Trimmel, who comes from Mannersdorf – more on this in Christopher Trimmel: Recharge your batteries at home.

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