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Lieshout – The Brabant Dialect Festival will be organized in Lieshout for the 15th time on June 9. This year’s theme is: It’s worth it.

Since 1994, the Brabant dialect has been central to this free festival in even years. It can be freely accessible thanks to sponsors and subsidies, but mainly because all artists perform unpaid. They do this because they also see how important it is to pay attention to the dialect. Dialects are holding on bravely for the time being. During the festival, attention will be paid to youth on June 7, there will be a writing competition with an award ceremony on June 8 and on June 9 there will be outdoor and indoor performances in the center of Lieshout.

The dialect changes because people change, but attention to dialect is growing. In the past, dialect was a mystery, but when you see how many artists there are who are proud of their Brabant, they have confidence in the future. It is precisely the multitude of Brabant dialects that make it worthwhile to visit this festival. More information follows.

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