In terms of the continental quota, it looks equally good for a place for Austria; Aaron Fara (100 kg/21st) currently holds a virtual ticket. Katharina Tanzer (48 kg/39.) is still hopeful. In the 81 class, Wachid Borchashvili in 17th place would also meet the criteria for an Olympic start, but only one participant per nation and weight class is allowed to compete in the Summer Games. The family council will meet regarding the two brothers. European Championship third place Shamil Borchashvili is skipping the World Cup.

683 judoka from 110 nations have registered for the world title fights in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to the medal hopefuls Polleres and Piovesana, Austria is also sending Tanzer, Laura Kallinger (57 kg), Magdalena Krssakova (63 kg), Maria Höllwart (over 78 kg), Samuel Gaßner (73 kg), Wachid Borchashvili (81 kg), Bernd Fasching (81 kg), Laurin Böhler (100 kg), Aaron Fara (100 kg) and Movli Borchashvilli (over 100 kg).

APA/AFP/Damir Sencar European Championship third place Shamil Borchashvili is missing from the World Cup

Polleres “very satisfied”

Polleres won the Grand Slam tournament in Antalya at the end of March, foregone the European Championships in Zagreb in April and struck again in a tournament of the highest category in Dushanbe (Tajikistan) at the beginning of May. Everything that has been trained recently has worked and the World Cup can come. “I’m actually very satisfied,” said Polleres, who was number two, to the APA. “The World Cup is a dress rehearsal and hopefully a self-confidence booster.”

She already knows pretty much all of the competitors; People fight against each other not only at competitions, but also at training camps. “It’s a good place to try out tactics and see whether you’ve learned something new.” The Lower Austrian is in great shape and describes herself as “pretty robust”. The physiotherapists would help with minor aches and pains. “I make sure that everything is treated straight away and that they don’t get any worse.” After the World Cup there is a week of vacation, training at home and camps in Spain and Linz.

Austria starts in the Judo World Cup

The Judo World Championships start on Sunday in Abu Dhabi on the Persian Gulf. Austria’s twelve-member team led by Michaela Polleres has a good chance of winning a medal in the women’s category. For Katharina Tanzer, it’s all about qualifying for the Olympics right from the start.

World Cup medal as a goal

Piovesana is also a Dushanbe winner; she had previously achieved a Grand Slam success in Baku. With a strong World Cup, she could work her way into the seeded group at the Summer Games. “I’m happy about my current consistency,” said the Vorarlberg native. Polleres also thinks a strong Austrian team is “cool”, it takes some of the pressure off and at the same time brings additional motivation.

“As in recent years, we want to win at least one World Cup medal and appear in the top seven with as many active players as possible,” explained ÖJV sports director Markus Moser. Another direct qualification for the Olympics would mean a fixed starting place for the mixed team in Paris. “That would be our dream, then we would be among the top 16 judo nations.”

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