Ad Abu Dhabiin the Mubadala Arenathey begin world championships judo (19-24 May 2024) which, just over 70 days before the Olympics, will compare athletes from 110 nations.

One year ago in Doha Italy celebrated its best result ever Judo World Championshipsand now it presents itself in full ranks with 18 athletes for the individual races and another four as reinforcements to better face the mixed-teams team race which, on Friday 24 May, will conclude the world championship.

The Doha Manuel Lombardo took the silver in the 73 kg, Assunta Scutto (48), Odette Giuffrida (52) and Alice Bellandi (78) the bronze, Christian Parlati (90) was fifth, Elios Manzi (66) and Asya Tavano (+78) sevenths.

The media coverage will also be important: there will be live broadcasts on Sky Sport Arena, every day except Friday 24th on Sky Sport Max, with technical commentary by Ylenia Scapin, Rai will entrust the commentary to Fabrizio Tumbarello e Luigi Guido (programming available on RaiPlay), and the World Cup will also be visible on Eurosport.

Judo World Championships: the day-by-day programme

Sunday 19 May 1st day

Women: -48 kg (Assunta Scutto);

-52 kg (Odette Giuffrida)

Men: -60 kg (Angelo Pantano, Andrea Carlino)

Monday 20 May 2nd day

Women: -57 kg (Veronica Toniolo)

Men: -66 kg (Elios Manzi, Matteo Piras);

-73 kg (Giovanni Esposito, Manuel Parlati)

Tuesday 21 May 3rd day

Women: -63 kg (Savita Russo, Flavia Favorini)

Men: -81 kg (Antonio Esposito)

Wednesday 22 May 4th day

Women: -70 kg (Irene Pedrotti, Kim Polling);

-78 kg (Alice Bellandi)

Men: -90 kg (Christian Parlati)

Thursday 23 May 5th day

Women: +78 kg (Asya Tavano)

Men: -100 kg (Gennaro Pirelli); +100kg

Friday 24 May 6th day

Mixed teams: -57 (Thauany David Capanni Dias), -73 (Giovanni Esposito, Manuel Lombardo), -70 (Irene Pedrotti, Kim Polling), -90 (Antonio Esposito, Christian Parlati, Lorenzo Rigano), +70 (Alice Bellandi , Asya Tavano), +90 (Nicholas Mungai, Gennaro Pirelli)

The Italian delegation is composed of Domenico Falcone, Massimiliano Benucci, Giuseppe Matera, Bruno D’Isanto, Roberta Chyurlia, Antonio Ciano, Alessandro Comi, Corrado Bongiorno, Francesco Bruyere, Raffaele Toniolo, Laura Di Toma, Raffaele Parlati, Enrico Parlati, Federica Foschi, Stefano Bonagura .

Kim Polling, the former world n.1 in judo becomes Italian for love: now she is aiming for the Olympics by Mattia Chiusano 18 April 2024
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