Hall: Muradiye

Referees: Ali Serkan Emlek, Mehmet Karabilecen, Hüseyin Çelik

Manisa Büyükşehir Belediyespor: Russell 15, Cruz 8, Mustafa Baki Görür, Anderson 10, Terry 17, Sinan Sağlam, Luther 11, Kaan Sarıaslan, Ege Arar, Dorukhan Engindeniz 10, Barış Çağan Özkan 3

Beşiktaş Emlakjet: Mathews 12, Needham 15, Mitchell 9, Kerem Kuthan Konan 6, Delgado 9, Allman 17, Yiğit Arslan 12, Samet Yiğitoğlu 3

1st Period: 20-18

Half time: 33-45

3rd Period: 49-71

With five fouls: 39.43 Mathews (Beşiktaş Emlakjet)

MANİSA (AA) – Beşiktaş Emlakjet, which won the series 2-0 by beating Manisa Büyükşehir Belediyespor 83-74 away in the second match of the Turkish Insurance Basketball Super League play-off quarter-finals, made its name into the semi-finals.

Beşiktaş Emlakjet became Fenerbahçe Beko’s opponent in the semi-finals.

The match started with both teams scoring mutual points. Leading 12-7 in the first 5 minutes, Manisa Büyükşehir Belediyespor finished the period 20-18 with Terry’s effective play.

Besiktas Emlakjet, which started the second quarter effectively, went on a 23-0 streak against its opponent, which did not give them a chance to score in 6 minutes and 20 seconds, and increased the difference to 21 points: (41-20). Continuing its superiority in the remaining minutes, Beşiktaş Emlakjet went to the locker room ahead 45-33 with the effective play of Allman and Needham duo.

Responding to its opponent’s points at the beginning of the third quarter, Beşiktaş Emlakjet entered the 25th minute ahead 60-42. The guest team increased the difference to 27 points with Mathews’ point, 2 minutes and 10 seconds before the end of the period: (71-44). Beşiktaş Emlakjet defended well in the remaining minutes and finished the period 71-49.

Besiktas Emlakjet, which was ahead 81-61 in the last 5 minutes with the effective points of Allman and Mathews in the final period, won the match 83-74.

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