Yulimar’s return is subject to several factors

The injury that took the Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas out of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games continues to cause concern due to the expectation that it has generated for the future of the queen of the triple jump, who will practically be inactive for the remainder of the year.

It is important to describe that this injury occurs most of the time in athletes who implement running, and consequently an overload on the back of the heel, whose rupture can also be caused by weakness in it causing a tear and in turn a severe pain that requires surgery.

“Generally, when the Achilles tendon ruptures, it must be a surgical issue and it takes time to overcome, it can be 5 to 6 months. A tenorrhaphy was performed on her, that is, the tendon was sutured, but the problem is not that but rather the recovery process since there is a percentage of it not looking good and ending with sequelae,” he explained to Líder en Deportes. , Pedro Guerra, traumatologist.

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He clarified that if the injury had been in the upper limbs there would not be major problems, but in the case of a high-performance athlete like Yulimar, the question arises of how she might feel later since the injury is precisely in the support of the usual movement during the execution of his triple jumps.

“She could have had a small tear in the past that then triggered this, but I don’t believe it too much because it would have been impossible for her to maintain her big marks. But when she ran and took off, what she felt was a pull and she fell to the ground, making it impossible to even walk,” she added.

He pointed out that Yulimar was subjected to a very quick operation that did not last more than an hour and that the technique varied according to each surgeon.

“Rehabilitation will be key for him to maintain his level on the court,” concluded the doctor.

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