“You and I Must Talk”: A New Collaboration Between Leonardo Pieraccioni and Alessandro Siani

It is called ‘You and I must talk’ and will see the first collaboration between the Florentine actor and the Neapolitan comedian

‘You and I need to talk’ arrives at the cinema next Christmasthe new film with Leonardo Pieraccioni. For the first time, the feature film will feature collaboration with the Neapolitan actor, director and comedian Alessandro Sianiwho will also direct.

A year after the last work, entitled Pare Parecchio Parigi, Pieraccioni therefore returns to Italian cinemas with a new comedy.

“When I met Alessandro Siani” – commented Pieraccioni on Instagram – and simply asked me: “do we want to have fun together?” I immediately felt a joyful spark that would ignite a beautiful project. Then when we started commenting enthusiastically on the story she told me I realized that we were already having fun and that the journey had already begun. It will be a lot of fun (I’m brushing up on my language!)”, concluded the Florentine actor and comedian.

(image reported from Leonardo Pieraccioni’s Instagram profile)

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