Würzburg Baskets Fans Demand New Arena in Face of BBL Future Regulations

The top game of the Easycredit Basketball Bundesliga had not yet started when there was already the first excitement. Before the game against Bayern (82:90), the fans of the Würzburg Baskets rolled out a meter-long poster on which it was written in black and red on white: “It’s time for the Baskets, for concerts, for gastronomy, for the hotel industry. FOR WÜRZBURG!”

And in giant letters: “NEW HALL NOW!”

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Background to the fan protest: The BBL adopted a new concept for the future of the league in autumn 2022. This stipulates that the minimum budget of each club will be increased from the current three million euros to six million euros by the 2032/33 season. And the halls should also grow. Currently it is enough to have an arena with 3,000 seats. But growth must also be achieved in this area.

In plain language: In order to play in the BBL, from the 2032/33 season you will need a hall that offers at least 4,500 seats. That’s exactly where the problem is in Würzburg.

The construction of a new arena has been discussed by the city council, the club and the Arena Würzburg project company for years. Last but not least, the corona pandemic repeatedly caused delays and uncertainties in the process. It is still unclear what will happen next.

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Source: DYN MEDIA 15.04.2024

The tectake Arena (3,140 seats) from 1981 is not only getting old, it is also simply too small and only a new building will save the Würzburgers’ presence in the league. Fans, lovers and also Dyn expert Basti Doreth appreciate the “gymnasium romance” in Würzburg, but this hall is blocking the club’s path to a successful future.

The future of the Würzburg Baskets is at stake: fan protest in the Basketball Bundesliga

The team celebrated 15 wins in the entire 2022/23 season. There are already 20 successes this season and the play-ins have already been reached. With Otis Livingston (27), the Würzburgers currently have the most promising MVP candidate. Successful coach Sasa Filipovski (49) only extended his contract until 2027 at the end of March. Running in Würzburg!

The message from the Würzburg fans could not have been clearer

Foto: picture alliance / HMB Media

Just not with the indoor theme. Maybe the fan protest will bring new dynamics to the most important future project. The online petition “Construction of a multifunctional hall in Würzburg” still needs help with just 542 supporters.

In Würzburg, nothing less than the future of the club is at stake!

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