Wimpassing Sparkasse Judo Club Shines at Lower Austrian ASKÖ State Championship

Wimpassing as a venue

On Saturday, April 13th, the Wimpassing Sparkasse judo club opened its doors for the open Lower Austrian ASKÖ state championship and was able to welcome three other clubs. 20 JCW judoka took the opportunity to fight for the medals in their home hall. A total of 7 young Wimpassing athletes were able to celebrate the ASKÖ state championship title with their fight wins.

In the U10 age group, Fischer Felix (-27kg) started the tournament successfully with two fight victories. Unfortunately, he had to narrowly admit defeat twice, but at the end of the day he was delighted with the bronze medal. His club colleague Magdalin Eduard (also -27kg) won a fight, but unfortunately narrowly missed the podium. Irasiyev Abdullah (-30kg) had to face three opponents, two of whom he defeated with flying colors and thus won the silver medal. Weigl-Tremmel Alexander, who competed in the same weight class, unfortunately came away empty-handed today, but gained important fighting experience. In the weight class up to 34kg there was a Wimpassing duel between Irasijew Halid and Chystykov Demyd, which Halid won and was able to secure the ASKÖ national championship title. There was also a club duel between Yildirim Liya and Fank Lino (-46kg). Lino was able to win the first fight, but Liya finally prevailed in the two following fights and was able to celebrate gold.

The girls in the U12 age group showed strong offspring from the Wimpassing Sparkasse Judo Club. Klöckl Magdalena, Supin Vanessa and Strebinger Lara fought their way to the podium up to 32kg. Klöckl Magdalena became the ASKÖ national champion and Supin Vanessa became the ASKÖ runner-up. Lechner Marlene and Brunner Skadi faced each other in the weight class up to 40kg, in which Lechner Marlene ultimately won the day with one lost and two won fights. Hakobyan Gor (-34kg) also deservedly won the gold medal. Kerbler Tyler secured silver in the same weight class. Balikci Fathi (-55kg) unfortunately had to admit defeat to his opponent twice after a strong fight.

This time in the U14 our female judoka successfully faced off against the boys. Frey Sophia (-34kg) was able to impressively prevail against two boys in her weight class and took silver. Parker Connor (also -34kg) secured bronze. Brunner Ilvie (-46kg) gave her male competition no chance and became ASKÖ national champion with two wins. The last medal of the day for the JCW came from Hakobyan Yurik, who also scored two great ippon victories and secured gold.

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