Why, with the victory, River was virtually classified for the 2025 Club World Cup and gave Boca a huge hand

It’s like a eclipse, but every now and then a River victory can be favorable for Boca. And until it is celebrated, why not?. It is that the victory of Martín Demichelis’ team over Nacional de Montevideo this Thursday for the second date of Group H of the Copa Libertadores The Millionaire was close to getting a ticket to the Club World Cup which will be held for the first time in 2025, but also allows Xeneize to smile as it remains in the classification positions.

This Monday, FIFA president Gianni Infantino had welcomed the 21 teams that have already qualified to the tournament. From the great goal of Diablito Claudio Echeverri At the Monumental, Demichelis’ team began packing its bags to play in the World Cup that will take place in the United States between June 15 and July 13 of next year.

In this way, the Millionaire He came first in the Conmebol ranking and is one step away from joining the select group that includes the champions of each confederation from the 2021 season to the current one. They are already inside -for example- Chelsea, Real Madrid y Manchester City, by UEFA; and the brazilians Palmeiras, Flamengo and Fluminenseby Conmebol, among others.

How to qualify for the Club World Cup

Diablito Echeverri scored his first goal in the Libertadores, but he would play in the Club World Cup with Manchester City. (AFP)

The tournament will bring together the best clubs from each of the six international confederations: AFC, CAF, Concacaf, CONMEBOL, OFC and UEFA. The champions of the highest competition of each in the last three seasons plus the current one will play in the World Cup.

But it can also be accessed through the ranking that FIFA announced in February. In this way, only two teams from each country can qualify unless the winning team of each cup is repeated. For example, in the Libertadores it happens with the three Brazilian champions of the last three editions. The others that are classified so far are River, Boca and Olimpia. If there is a “new” champion, the Paraguayan team would be out, but if any of the Brazilians repeat they will be in.

The position in the ranking is given by the sum of the points obtained per match and the competition points in the Copa Libertadores. For each game won, three points are added, while a draw grants one. Then, for accessing the group stage and advancing in the different instances, three points are awarded. That is, a team that reaches the final (like Boca last year) adds 15 points, to which are added the units obtained by won and tied games.

With the victory at the Monumental, River reached 73 points and surpassed Boca, which has 71. Xeneize will not be able to add points this season because it does not participate in the Copa Libertadores (like Olimpia, which has 57).

Who can surpass River? The answer emerges among the teams that are in the current edition of the Libertadores: Nacional de Montevideo is the main pursuer with 46 points. Then there is Independiente del Valle (45). In the worst scenario for River – that they do not score again and do not pass the phase – the Uruguayans could only overcome it if they win all their games and reach at least the quarterfinals, where they would also have to win one of the two games if they can. He is eliminated, although if the two tie and advance to the round it would also displace him.

In the case of the Ecuadorians – in the same hypothetical scenario in which River did not score again – they will need to reach at least the semifinals by winning all the games to compete for the Millonario. An almost impossible task.

Boca is a little more complex. Nacional will be able to overcome it by adding just two points less than what it needs to displace River – the same as Independiente del Valle -. Although if a champion repeats or the Millionaire keeps the Cup, both the Uruguayans and the Ecuadorians should overcome Xeneize to leave them without a ticket.

Meanwhile, for Estudiantes (34) and Talleres (30), Rosario Central (6) and San Lorenzo (4) the chances of access are reduced to obtaining the title. As River has already surpassed Boca in points, if another Argentine team wins the top continental competition, those from La Ribera would be left out of the new Club World Cup. Therefore, it is in Xeneize’s interest that, in the event that an Argentine wins the Libertadores, it is River.

How the places are distributed according to each confederation

The Real Madrid players, winners of the 2022 edition. EFE/Julio Muñoz

A total of 32 teams will compete in the tournament, with places distributed as follows among the six international soccer confederations and one for the host country, the United States, whose name has not yet been announced.

Africa – 4 CAF teams. Three via the champions (CAF Champions League) and one via the ranking.

Asia – 4 AFC teams. Three via the champions route (AFC Champions League) and one via the qualification route.

Europa – 12 UEFA teams. Four via the champions (UEFA Champions League) and eight via the ranking.

North America, Central America and the Caribbean – 4 Concacaf teams. All through the champions route (Concacaf Champions Cup).

Oceania – 1 OFC team. By classification.

South America – 6 CONMEBOL teams. Four via the champions (CONMEBOL Libertadores) and two via the ranking.

Host country – 1 team.

Club World Cup 2025: which teams have already qualified

The image that Gianni Infantino shared on his social networks to welcome those qualified for the 2025 Club World Cup.

Of the 32 places available for the FIFA Club World Cup to be held next year in the United States, 21 have already been filled.

Al Ahly (Egypt) – CAF Champions League Champion in 2020/21 and 2022/23

Wydad (Morocco) – CAF Champions League Champion 2021/22

Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) – 2021 AFC Champions League Champion

Urawa Red Diamonds (Japan) – 2022 AFC Champions League Champion

Chelsea (England) – UEFA Champions League Champion 2020/21

Real Madrid (Spain) – UEFA Champions League Champion 2021/22

Manchester City (Inglaterra) – UEFA Champions League Champion 2022/23

Bayern Munich (Germany) – Ranking UEFA

Paris Saint-Germain (France) – Ranking UEFA

Inter Milan (Italia) – Ranking UEFA

Porto, Portugal) – Ranking UEFA

Benfica (Portugal) – Ranking UEFA

Borussia Dortmund (Germany) – Ranking UEFA

Juventus (Italy) – Ranking UEFA

Monterrey Mexico) – Concacaf Champions Cup 2021

Seattle Sounders (United States) – Concacaf Champions Cup 2022

Club Leon (Mexico) – Concacaf Champions Cup 2023

Auckland City (New Zealand) – Ranking OFC

Palmeiras (Brazil) – Conmebol Libertadores Champion 2021

Flamengo (Brazil) – Conmebol Libertadores Champion 2022

Fluminense (Brazil) – Conmebol Libertadores Champion 2023

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