What if Xavi is preparing his brother Òscar, who wins everything, as his replacement?

As he says and repeats Xavi Hernandezwe have been reminding you all season that “Tomorrow’s game is decisive” and he, who knows that “there is no other club in the world where you have to endure the pressure that you endure in the Barça and I know that better than anyone” (he knows it so well, that it seems that he has had enough of enduring it), he always replies to the journalists that “every week you tell me the same thing and I repeat that at Barça there is no match easy, because everyone must win.”

And, lo and behold, Xavi is right about this. In other things, I don’t know, but that Barça must win every game and that, perhaps, finishing second in LaLiga is a failure, is evident, transparent, crystalline. But it is also true that after so much shaking, ups and downs (first 13 games and last 13: 10 wins and 3 draws in each period; 19 intermediates, total disaster, with 10 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses!)we reach the decisive week.

The ‘coconut’ is coming!

On Tuesday the haughty, arrogant, rich and media-savvy will appear Luis Enrique and his PSG (or that of Qatarsorry), bringing by the hand the one who, they say, is the best player in the world, Kylian Mbappé. Well those, ‘Fought’, Catar Investment Authority and the Real Madrid’s favorite child They are going to have to demonstrate, that is, their authority, because, a few days ago, they were defeated, and well defeated! for this Barça under construction, which, yes, its coach still does not consider a favorite.

João Félix celebrates with Ferran and Fermín the opening goal. / AP/JOSÉ BRETON

And then, next Sunday (9:00 p.m.), visit the majestic and covered Santiago Bernabeu where the same awaits you Real Madrid eliminated from the Champions League and wanting to put a finishing touch to the conquest of LaLiga. Because, I insist, let us not deceive ourselves (or let them not try to deceive us), to Real Madrid y Barçafor Manchester City y Manchester Unitedfor Liverpool y Arsenalfor Bayern de Munichfor him PSGfor Interfor Milanthe only titles that count, the scepters with which the season is saved and failure is avoided (experts say that the word failure is excessive in sport, yes, well, they don’t have budgets of 1,000 million euros) They are each one’s LaLiga, that MCity is not clear about, that MUnited has found it impossible for years, that Bayern has already lost it… and the Champions League, although more than one, including Barça, would be satisfied with reaching the final .

So yes, we have spent the season asking Xavi that the position is at stake on Saturday and he telling us that he is at stake every day. Until he gets fed up and announces that he is leaving. AND John Laporta he accepts the pulse and, now, he has no remedy, no solution, no money, no coach.

Vitor Roque fights for a ball, yesterday in Cadiz. | JOSE BRETON / AP / ALBERT GUASCH

Y Deco insists that they have no ‘plan B’. And we must believe him. And the president believes that he will convince Xavi to continue. And Xavi, meanwhile, insists that there is no turning backbut one of his journalist friends, who has them, says that, before closing the door, he asked (to Deco, not to Masip) what signings they have planned for next season, since the others already have Mbappé.

Honestly, what I don’t understand is why there are so many doubts. What they should do The door, Deco, Masip, Alejandro EchevarriaThe treasurer Ferran Olivéwho say that he also commands a lot, and, of course, Manana Giorgadzethe ‘president’ in the shadows (sorry, sorry, I forgot Rafa Yuste), is to ask Oscar HernandezYes, yes, to Xavi’s brother, who, as of June 30, takes the reins of the culé team.

As? Because, why Oscar Hernandez He is the only Barça coach who has won the six games he has coached on the bench against Valenciatwo against him Cadiz, Villarreal, Mallorca y The Palms. Even better: 7 of 7because he also won Inter Miami. Telita! I would consider it. Isn’t it the governance of FCBarcelona of the new century a family affair, according to Joan Laporta?, so let’s move up the ladder and replace Xavi Hernández with his brother Óscar. That easy. And one less problem.

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2024-04-13 23:01:37
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