“We want to go up and cover the gap between the ACB and the EBA”

La Bisbal is clear: they want to go up to LEB Plata “and cover the gap that exists in Girona basketball between the ACB and the EBA”. This is explained by its sports director, Joan Ferrer, when confirming that yes, that the club, with the support of the town councils of Bisbal and l’Escala, and the Provincial Council, has presented today to the Spanish Federation its candidacy to carry out the promotion phase in the coastal municipality from May 9 to 12. The project orchestrated by Bisbal moves a budget of 32,000 euros, offers more than 500 hotel places in l’Escala itself, and a pavilion with capacity for 900 spectators thanks to the expansion that would be made to the current equipment. Today, precisely, the deadline closed and now the decision is on the roof of a FEB that should give an answer this Friday.

The Empordà club has worked hard in offices to present a very ambitious proposal, which highlights the potential of the demarcation. Apart from the institutional support that also comes from the Generalitat and the Catalan Federation, the project also has the support of Básquet Girona and Uni, two benchmarks in Spanish basketball, CER L’Escala, FC L’Escala and CB L’Escala, entities to which the club sends its thanks. If this ends up being the chosen venue, the matches of the promotion phase to LEB Plata of subgroups 3 and 4 (that of Bisbal) would be played there, and matches in the morning and in the afternoon/evening. Carles Rofes’ team already knows that will face UCB Camper Eurogaza de Córdova and Llíria in a tie, and is awaiting to know the last opponent this weekendwhich will leave the tie between Uros de Rivas and Dragons, with an advantage for the former after the 82-63 first leg.

“Let’s all go up, we want to go up and try to do the promotion phase here because we want to do it for our people. We would like to have the support of the fans and of the entire demarcation close by”, added Joan Ferrer. Sportingly, the team is fully preparing for the promotion. In this mini preseason, Bisbal will play two friendly matches, one this Saturday at the Old Pavilion against Salt (5:30 p.m.) with free entry, and another on Friday 3 May at the Boet Mataró track, which also opts for promotion to Silver in another group. This was the rival who beat the Girona team in the EBA Catalan League final.

El Bisbal has not competed since the defeat at Salt in an inconsequential last regular day of the league on April 13. Ferrer admits that the stoppage, at a sporting level, “can make us lose a bit of the rhythm of the competition, but in return it allows us to prepare the phase with a lot of peace of mind, analyzing the rivals well». It is known that one of the main competitors in Girona’s bid to host the event is Lliria. Also Lleó, ex-city ACB, has fought bravely to hold the competition ensuring the public factor.

to climb, Bisbal will have to win the league that they will play in a single match against the other three rivals on the 9th, 10th and 11th. If he finishes second in the group, he will have one last chance on the 12th, but he will have to beat the runner-up in group 3 in the play-off.

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2024-04-24 15:39:01
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