Wass’Bad Association Organizes Flowering Trees Trophy Badminton Tournament to Support Animal Welfare

To celebrate spring, the Wass’Bad association organized, on Sunday April 7, a spring tournament, called the Flowering Trees Trophy, which brought together around thirty bad players at the Wassy gymnasium.

In total, sixteen doublets were present, coming from Chamouilley, Montier-en-Der, Eclaron, Tronville, Joinville, Revigny and Wassy.

This Flowering Trees Trophy pursued two objectives: to have a good time together and to provide a little help to a young association Morpheus’ Ark.

As Julie Leseur, president of the association, explains, the main objective of Morpheus’ Ark is to regulate the proliferation of cats which is starting to become unmanageable in all municipalities. To support her point, Julie recalled that a single pair of cats can have up to more than 20,000 kittens in five years, hence the need to apply effective measures. To date, the Wassey association has not received any subsidy from the city. She works in partnership with the Caliméros shelter in Voillecomte and has already taken in 59 kittens and 50 have been adopted.

The finalists

Won the honor roll: Baptiste and Adrien, from Joinville, followed by Tatiana and Kevin, from Chamouilley, and in 3rd position, Baptiste and Clément.

In consolation, the victory went to Ludo and Louis, from Éclaron, followed by Fabien and Eddy, from Wassy, ​​and in 3rd position, Steven and Mike, from Revigny-sur-Ornain (Meuse).

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