Vlaams Belang Chairman Tom Van Grieken Supports Netherlands Over Belgium in European Championship

The European Championship kicks off on Friday, June 14, just five days after elections are held. Vlaams Belang chairman Tom Van Grieken mainly hopes for success in the elections, but he is not concerned about what the Red Devils perform at the European Championship.

“Because I don’t like Belgian nationality,” Van Grieken said in an interview with The Brussels Times. Even more: Van Grieken will not only not support the Belgian national team, he will support its arch rival: the Netherlands.

“I even had a small group, an Orange club, of Flemish people who support the Dutch team. The only thing Belgian politicians can brag about is the national team. But they haven’t won a single title. If you’re going to talk, you also have to to perform.”

When do the Red Devils play and which countries are in their group?

The Red Devils will play for the first time at the European Championship on Monday, June 17. They will then take on Slovakia. The other countries in the Belgian group are Romania and Ukraine. Football will be played against Romania on Saturday, June 22, and against Ukraine on Wednesday, June 26.

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