Villa Clara Dominates First Day of Pioneer Canoeing Finals at Hundred Fires

Villa Clara leads the first day of the pioneer canoeing finals based in Hundred fires in the thousand meter events for men’s and women’s canoe and kayak for both sexes.

Five medals: three gold and two silver were won by the Villa Clara canoeists in the southern bay.

Juan Manuel Díaz Machado, canoeing methodologist in Villa Clara, says he is happy with the result of the day, which is a reward for the work done and above all for the lack of skills at that level.

After those from Villa Clara were those from the Atenas de Cuba with four medals: one gold, two silver and one bronze, followed by one bronze medal per capita from Cienfuegos, Pineros and Las Tunas.

Nayira Pérez Peña, a canoeist from Las Tunas, expresses that she is very happy with the result, which is nothing more than a reward for the effort and dedication to reach the national pioneer games.

Meanwhile, Guillermo Borges Guerra, canoeing coach from Las Tunas confesses that he started working this year and “that this medal is achieved after so long without the province winning a medal in these fights is a reward for the work done.” .

This Thursday culminates in Hundred fires pioneer canoeing with events at two thousand meters for men’s and women’s canoe and kayak for men and women.

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2024-04-18 11:04:56
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