Varese Women’s Basketball Youth Sector Excels Once Again: Under15 Team Advances to Interzone Group Finals

Another great result for the youth sector of the Varese Women’s Basketball which, after taking a team to the National finals last year, wants to try again this year. All this thanks to Under15 team that qualified for the interzone group by beating Castelnuovo Scrivia in the play-off held in Castel San Giovanni, in the province of Piacenza.

A clear victory as evidenced by the 62-33 final which thus allows the formation coached by coach Crugnola and by the assistants Martina Baiardo and Andrea Palmieri to compete for the pass to the National finals. Appointment, then, next week in Umbertide, province of Perugia, where the neroargento will face Mercede Alghero, Virtus Siena and Club Basket Frascati. Four teams for two places in the National Finals. After what happened last year, Varese confirms itself as an excellent youth sector and is among the seven Lombard clubs to have its own team in the interzone phase. Certainly a source of satisfaction in the neroargento entourage.

Matteo Gallo

2024-04-22 09:14:35
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