Vadims Lashenko Re-Elected as President of LFF Despite Challenge from Krivunec

It has already been reported that on Friday, at the LFF congress, the current head of the organization, Vadims Lashenko, was re-elected to the position of president, while Krivunec, the head of the Latvian Football Premier League, also applied for this position. Lashenko received 72 votes, and Krivunets – 21.

“I offered my knowledge and experience, about 20% appreciated it. This shows that you have to work. I became better myself in the process, gained a lot of knowledge and experience. The main thing for me was to offer my vision and program. It is difficult to change a system that has been working for several years. I hoped that the members would want to refresh the board with new ideas,” Krivunec said.

Krivunets had the support of 12 LFF members when nominating his candidacy, and an additional nine votes were obtained at the congress. According to him, this shows that his work is going in the right direction.

In the speech before the vote, Krivunec reprimanded LFF’s spending. “I don’t like that today the priorities are other than the development of football clubs,” said Krivunec.

“Among my supporters were top league clubs, the best youth systems. People who care about the environment, who think about the future and development. Maybe I didn’t find the right words, but that was just my problem,” Krivunec continued.


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