Unión Magdalena Investigating Match-Fixing Scandal: Eight Players Removed from Squad

While Magdalena Union faces the personal objective of the institution which is nothing more and nothing less than trying to promote, they are also involved in a huge problem. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that the club would be investigating cases of match-fixing due to the revolution that sports betting has taken. Now, they stomped their feet warning what will happen to the accused.

The directors of Unión Magdalena decided to remove eight players from the squad for the next matches, while they continue to wait for an official ruling in accordance with the investigations. And the club would have reported these cases to the Dimayor and the Prosecutor’s Office for the concern generated by this recently known situation.

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In fact, a few days ago, a player from the squad pointed out on a radio station in Santa Marta that strange things were already being seen on the squad with Daiver Vega who was convincing his teammates to let them score goals, only to make a million. A sum that ranges between 15 and 20 million pesos, according to what was said by the soccer player, whose name did not come to light to avoid problems.

In addition to Daiver Vega, who is the main suspect, the Samaritan institution confirmed the names of the eight footballers. Added to Daiver, they are, Ephraim Ustariz, Christian Baldwin, Arnet Gonzalez, Alain Guerrero, Jose Mercado, Juan Del Rio and Jesus Serrano. Regarding Vega, the club has already made a strong decision, but appropriate for the moment, while they continue to investigate the other footballers.

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Daiver Vega dirty his name on the squad, given that he was the captain of Unión Magdalena. Convincing his teammates to let himself win or let his rivals score goals lowered his status in the club, so much so that in a statement issued on April 11, they sentenced Daiver’s future.

“Club Unión Magdalena SA is pleased to inform journalists, media, fans and public opinion in general that today, by decision of the Board of Directors, the employment contract of the player on our team was terminated. professional: “DAIVER JOSÉ VEGA MEJÍA”. Surely, the seven players will be in the eye of the hurricane while the investigations continue.

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